Lannon Tank Company Products. View examples & download product literature below:

  • 45,000 Gallon Flameshield

    One of three 45,000 gallon Flameshield Jet A storage tanks manufactured with integral pump enclosures for jet fuel dispensing at a commercial aircraft engine testing facility. These storage tanks are 12’ diameter x 60’ long and weigh over 50,000 lbs.

  • 12,000 gallon Fireguard Jet A Tank

    12,000 gallon Fireguard Jet A fabricated with a pump platform and rainshield. The pumping skid was customer assembled in a controlled environment at Lannon’s facility prior to shipment, saving the customer travel time and several days of on-site labor in what would have been tough working conditions.

  • 25,000 Gallon Elutron Tank

    Tight fit! This 25,000 gallon Elutron tank stores diesel for a hospital’s back-up generator system. It was designed with custom dimensions that allowed installation in a sub-basement between building support structures in downtown Chicago.

  • 40,000 gallon ACT-100

    Mission Critical! One of four 40,000 gallon double wall ACT-100 diesel storage tanks installed at a Fortune 500 company datacenter as fuel source for 12 back-up generators. The tanks are 12 feet diameter, 48 feet long and weigh close to 50,000 lbs. each.

  • Double Wall UL -142

    This series of 50,000 gallon horizontal and 8,000 gallon vertical storage tanks are part of a new airport tank farm. The horizontal tanks store jet fuel, the vertical tanks contain glycol used for aircraft de-icing. All tanks were installed in a concrete containment dike. Lannon’s custom 70-foot catwalk system services all tanks plus the dike floor and tarmac.

  • 40,000 Gallon Leachate

    These three 40,000 gallon double wall leachate tanks contain run-off from fly ash produced by a local power plant. The 12-foot diameter, 48’ foot long tanks are connected by custom double-containment spool pipes which allow leachate to flow freely from one tank to another.

  • Single Wall UL-142

  • Pressure Vessel

  • Cone Bottom Vertical Tank

  • Bulk Chemical Storage

  • Fire Protection

  • Double Wall Duraglass

  • Elutron

  • F-921

  • Flameshield

  • Rectangular Fireguard