A Great Advantage of Dealing With Lannon is You Won’t Have to
Deal With Anyone Else.

All the support services and ancillary components needed to complete any project are available from the same source, with quality and delivery controlled by the same, single-minded dedication to superior customer service.

Experience-Proven Consulting

Storage tanks are typically a small but vital component of a larger project. Our experienced consultants will take your conceptual design to the next level by designing specific storage tank solutions that will meet local, state and federal code requirements while fitting all project specifications. We are a trusted resource for the design engineer and general contractor who is looking for an expert in the fuel and petrochemical storage tank industry.

3D AutoCAD Drawings

Most storage tank manufacturers provide only drawings and specifications upon receiving a purchase order. Lannon Tank consultants believe this process is backwards, because tank drawings and specifications can be very useful, even critical, in aiding our customers’ sales efforts. We are unique in creating custom fabrication designs and sharing technical information at the earliest stages of a project. All drawings are constructed in Inventor 3D CAD software to provide as much detail as needed for your custom tank design needs.


Lannon Tank recognizes that specialized interior and exterior tank coatings are the norm, not the exception, in the bulk storage tank industry. That’s why we’ve made it a priority to be the leader in coating selection, application and quality control.

Lannon consultants will work with you to select the optimum interior lining or exterior coating to meet project specifications as well as state and local standards. We have partnered with the worldwide leaders in the coatings industry to ensure that each coating selected provides maximum protection for your storage tank investment. Our specialists document all environmentals while applying each coating and are pleased to provide sandblast profile testing, DFT mil testing and/or holiday testing results when requested.

Foam Insulation

Installing tank insulation in the field can be costly, due to factors such as limited access to the tank and the frequent need to place mounting clips or angles on the outside of the tank. Lannon Tank provides an affordable solution to these problems with our factory-applied foam insulation service. Our foam materials carry the same or better R-value as that used by competition while providing the structural durability to withstand almost any environmental conditions.

OSHA catwalks/ladders

Our consultants pride themselves on providing complete storage tank design and fabrication solutions. Many tank projects require OSHA-approved caged ladders, staircases, catwalks, railings, etc. While many project designers do not have the time or resources to create specific tank access fabrications, Lannon Tank routinely works with its customers to design specific tank access solutions, ensuring all fabrications meet OSHA and project specifications. Realizing your time is money, we also provide detailed drawings and parts lists that help minimize field assembly time.